Sunday, 18 September 2011

New Mills Festival - Railing Wrap - day 5

Thank you to Georgie who volunteered to help with this project and has been involved throughout working alongside myself, the school and the public. 

By Friday the railings were looking great, the weaving has almost reached the bottom of one panel and heading that way on the other. 

Georgie and I added a few more strips but have left a space for more to be added at the public session on Saturday 24th September between 12pm and 3pm, when Torrs Hydro also have an open day.

The wrapped and knotted rails still have a few spaces which I am working on and visitors are welcome to add their own pieces of fabric at any time.

When we began the wrap there were a few screams from the students (and myself and Georgie) when spiders were disturbed from their dark corners. It's good to see they have soon adjusted to their home make-over......

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