Godley Community Primary

Summer 1

Year 2 - Mixed media drawings

Working with the blue and white china fragments that I have used as inspiration for my exhibition at Bankley Gallery, Levenshulme from 13 June - 5 July.
This also linked in with Year 2's literacy topic of the 'Willow Pattern.
Year 2 developed this work into paintings on canvas which will be on display at the exhibition.

Year 1 - Love Where You Live - mixed media
Year 1 produced work for a community project in Hyde to be displayed in Clarendon Square shopping centre. 
Artist Jacqui Symons asked us to produce some work inspired by where we live. 
Year 1 used household surfaces such as wallpaper and furnishing fabrics and created wax rubbings to be used as a background. They then used pencil and pens to draw their home or a special part of their home on top of the colourful backgrounds.

Year 2 also produced work for this project but with collaged backgrounds.

Spring 2

Years 3 and 5 worked in their sketchbooks, we did some artist research and produced work in a variety of media in response to famous artworks.

Spring 1

Year 1 looked at work by Mark Rothko, Paul Klee and Hew Locke, they produced work in their sketchbooks in the style of each artist and then combined the techniques to produce large collaborative paintings for display in school. 

Inspired by Paul Klee

Inspired by Paul Klee

Inspired by Hew Locke

Inspired by Mark Rothko

Inspired by Mark Rothko

Year 2 looked at the work of Patrick Caulfield and produced layered prints. The theme was 'toys' so we chose lego people as the inspiration for the work. The children each made a double sided printing block and created a collection of 2 layered prints which look amazing stacked on the wall like lego.

Autumn 2

Year 4 & 6 - Creative Cartography
Inspired by Aboriginal dreamtime paintings, the London Underground map and their own journey to school. 
Each pupil designed a map symbol and produced the design in textile collage. 
All the pieces were combined into four stunning quilts, now on display in school.

Autumn 1

Theme: Guten Tag!
This half term I have been working with year 5 and year 3. 
We linked into the theme by taking Grimms fairy tales as our inspiration. 
We have illustrated two tales in exciting ways by creating two site specific installations in the school.

Year 5 - The Little Sea Hare

You can read the story by clicking here

We have made an outdoor installation using detailed oil pastel drawings of eyes and recycled plastic bottles.

Year 3 - Little Red Riding Hood

You can watch the story by clicking here

We have created a forest for the library using wax resist, paper cut and stick and ink techniques.

I am really pleased with this installation and think that year 3 are excellent artists!

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