Friday, 30 September 2011

“Hello, I’m still here”

Urban Weaving/Railing Wrap: textiles, sharpie markers, railings.

Dimensions: 862cm x 93cm

A collaborative project created for the New Mills Festival as part of the Woolly Wander trail by:
Amanda Whewell, Lou Godley, Georgie Thomas, Students from New Mills School Business and Enterprise College, Residents of and Visitors to New Mills.

This is a site specific work celebrating sustainability through place and community.

Positioned within the ruins of Torr Mill and on the site of Torrs Hydro the work reflects back on the rich textile heritage of the area and forward to a sustainable future.
All the fabrics are pre-used, many people involved contributed old items of clothing or fabrics which hold memories for them. Messages, thoughts and prayers are hidden within the weave. Each piece holds a bit of its maker’s history or a story, name, or sentence.
The title is taken from a glimpse of a hidden message.
The work is not only beautiful but environmentally friendly. When the wrap is dismantled the fabrics will be used to create a new piece of work continuing the sustainability theme.

More images in the gallery

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