Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pocket Journal making Sat 10 Sept

Pocket journal workshop on Saturday 10 September 10.30-16.30 at The Studios New Mills, click here to book your place.
Make 4 individual mini-journals to fit in your pocket or handbag. 
Use a range of different media and learn simple bookbinding techniques. 
Great selection of materials included in the price. 
Begin by creating some unique pages to use as covers for the journals. 
Using a variety of techniques and media you will print, sponge, scrape, stencil, resist and collage.

Journal 1 – Signature Journal


A selection of folded pages with a soft card cover and a simple stitched binding. 
Great as a mini-sketchbook or for capturing a moment whilst travelling.

Journal 2 – Ledger 

Use your prepared pages as a cover for this tall slim book which can go straight from from pocket to wall hanging. Uses a corner stitched binding that includes a loop for hanging which can be embellished with beads and threads or kept plain & simple. Ideal for lists or poetry or even to work out your accounts.

Journal 3 – Concertina 

Based on a concertina or accordion fold this little book is double sided and has a hard cover wrapped in fabric and tied with string. A fantastic portable photograph album or to keep favourite pictures and quotes safe and close to hand. Could also be used as a sketch book or for creative writings....

Journal 4 – X book with pockets 

This is my favourite little book. Simply folded and glued it contains a pocket on each page to keep little treasures safe. Can be used to store stamps, tickets or receipts, or small found objects such as leaves or confetti. Use the outside of the pockets to keep notes or drawings about the contents.

To Book your place click here to go to the Studios website.

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