Saturday, 15 September 2012

"Hello, I'm still here 2"

At New Mills Heritage Centre until 30 September
Part of New Mills Art Trail 

The evolving artwork:
The railings were unwrapped in October 2011.
The fabric has been washed and ironed,
The pieces have been joined using knotting, stitching and crochet and wound into balls of yarn.
The messages that were woven into the railings are again hidden within the work.
The transition has begun.  
The yarn is the second phase of the project, beautiful in itself but ultimately awaiting intervention.
The yarn will be manipulated into a textile piece for exhibition during New Mills Festival 2013.
Throughout the process I have had opportunity to explore the designs printed onto the fabrics used. I have compared them to the fabric samples in the engravers books from the Heritage Centre’s collection. 
Two of these books are displayed in the glass cases.
I have also studied African and Asian textile designs covering several centuries.
Some examples of contemporary designs from across the world are displayed in the embroidery frames.
I hope to develop this work for use later in this 
on-going project.

Free workshops and demonstrations inspired by this exhibition - booking now - details on workshops page

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